In the News - 2003

"Tunable optical fiber devices based on broadband long period gratings and pumped microfluidics,"
                   Cover Image, Applied Physics Letters, December 15, 2003.

"All the news that’s continually fit to print,"
                   Consumers Digest, December 2003.

"Microfluidic Electronics,"
                   Lab on a Chip, November 2003.

"New MatSE faculty involved in Nanoscale Research,"
                   Fall 2003 Alumni News: Department of Materials Science and 
                    Engineering at UIUC, September 2003.

"2003 Excellence in Research Award: Microfluidic Photonics,"
                   Frost and Sullivan,, September 2003.

"UIUC group rubber-stamps nanofab science,"
                   AtomWorks Alert, September 2003

"Complex layered construction ,"
                   Editor’s Choice in Applied Physics, Science Magazine, August 2003

"Nanofabrication with high resolution stamps,"
                   Micro/Nano Newsletter, June 2003.

"Soft lithography reproduces microlenses",
                   Photonics Sprctra, May, 2003.

"Silica-filled epoxy forms accurate lens arrays",
                   Laser Focus World, May 2003.

"Six technologies that will change the world",
                   Business 2.0 May 2003.

"Simple microfluidic system tunes fiber properties",
                   Laser Focus World, April 2003.

"Stamp bangs out plastic circuits",
                   Technology Research News, March 2003.

"On the tip of a fiber",
                   Materials Today, March 2003.

"In-fiber liquid crystal modulator switches at µsec speeds",
                   Laser Focus World, March 2003.

“Low cost, low loss microlens arrays fabricated by soft lithography process,”
                   cover image, Applied Physics Letters, February 2003.

"Hot off the press",
                   Nature Materials Update, January 26, 2003.

"Fiber helper: Miniature controllers may open data floodgates",
                   Science News, January 25, 2003.

"Softer, pliable electronics",
                   Chemical and Engineering News, January 6, 2003.

"Circle of Excellence Award - Tunable dispersion compensator",
                   Photonics Spectra, January 2003.

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